Family Constellation Training


2020 Training in Birmingham

for Individual Sessions and Group Work

Healing Your Roots to Open Your Wings


The training is designed to gain theoretical and practical meaning and understanding to be able to work with people. Come to explore the Power of the System, supported by the intuition and experience of Darshana Elena. Family Constellations is a system conceived and developed by Bert Hellinger who had the intuition to work on the issues of any person (Family, Relationships, Work, Course of Life, Decisions to be taken) and to create a model, Constellation, where it is possible to reveal the energy and patterns that act as obstacles. It is a strong and profound approach, very transformative. This course is for counsellors, psychotherapists, facilitators, healers, teachers and anybody who wants to get to know themselves better and bring a new understanding and transformative shift in their life.

Darshana Elena

4 Modulus:

I. Module

8.-10. May 2020

Basics of

Constellation Laws

(The Laws of Love, the Morphogenetic Field and the Family System)

II. Module 12.-14. June 2020 Mother & Father Issues

III. Module 25.-27. September 2020 Brother & Sister Issues

IV. Module 20.-22. Nov Relationships & Group Working

Timings for each module: Fri 6pm – 10pm, Sat 9am – 7pm, Sun 9am – 5pm Price: £247 per weekend

1 May An Evening Introduction of Family Constellations FREE 2 May Family Constellations, 1-day Workshop, £75
3-5 May Darshana will be available to offer individual sessions

Advanced training to be followed from Springtime 2021: Supervision and Group Dynamics (optional)

Organised by: Tree of Life, Joginder & Marketa Bola +44 7833 358896

+44 7875 225544

Led by: Darshana Elena Scola +39 347 2470196

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OHANA means Family and Family means ‘Nobody is Abandoned or Forgotten


Family Constellation Training

For Individual Sessions and Group Dynamics

Healing Your Roots to be Able to Open Your Wings

With Elena Darshana Scola

*Organized by The Tree of Life , Joginder & Marketa

Where: Birmingham (UK)

To Whom is Addressed: Counselors, Psycotherapists, Facilitators, Healers, Managers, Teachers and to all people wants to know better themselves and to bring a new Understanding and Transformation in their Life

When: 2020, 4 Modulus (Parts) 2 and half day each

  • May 1 Evening: Introductory Talk
  • May 2_ Workshop on FC
  • May 3-5: Individual Sessions
  • May 8 ( afternoon )- 9 and 10 (Full Day): 1sts Modulus of the Tr: The Laws of Love, the Morphogenetic Field and the Family System’s Enmeshments 
  • June 12 ( afternoon) – 13-14 (Full Day): 2nd Modulus of the Tr: Mother and Father Issues
  • Sept 25 (afternoon)- 26-27 (Full Day): 3rd Modulus of the Tr: Brothers and Sisters Issues
  • Nov 20 (afternoon) – 21- 22 ( Full Day): 4th Modulus of the Tr: Relationships

* Option to be planned: Springtime 2021 :Supervision and Group Dynamics

Info: Tree of Life  +44 7875225544 

or  Darshana + 39 3472470196

 Darshana: +39 347 2470196

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