Inner Child Seminar - Needs

Encountering Your Needs means to Express Yourself in the Right Way

The workshop is based and focused on the Connection with Your Inner Child. Who is the Inner Child? He/She is the world of your emotions, feelings, attention, which comprehend the history of you till now and… All your Being.
He/She is your Natural State, the Essence

We’ll work together with Guided Meditations, Body exercises and movements, Sharing and Gestalt Structures in order to move from the ordinary mental level to a deep level of feelings, what has been called Emotional Intelligence. Human Nature is much more complex and beautiful than the mental level. My approach is gentle.

Why we do that? Because when we discover what we REALLY Feel, we are able to express ourselves, what we need in the clearest way. Most of our Conditioning has been based on refusal and manipulation of the basic and essential Needs. The result is that as Adults we don’t know anymore what it means to be in touch with ourselves Working on Needs, We become more Aware and Open.

Our way of Living Life becomes easier, less based on projections and expectations. And our Relating – in all areas- becomes more True and Spontaneous. I like to say that this seminar is a Door to a different dimension, the Dimension of Being. People who worked with me said they were very happy to see how effective it is.

It’s suggested to all, either beginner than people who walk already in the Holistic and Meditative Path.

Essential Primal  is for you the beginning of a New Life, a new Understanding

When: June 30 (evening) – July 05 2020 with Elena Darshana Scola

Where:  Il Borgo ZEN – Holistic Center prov of BERGAMO

Primal Essential is a very profound and transformative process:
it changes your Life and your prospects. It offers you the opportunity to break
the constraints you have experienced so far because trapped in what is not true,in what you are not. You lived forgetting who you really are.

In this intensive group you have the opportunity to free yourself from the chains of false convictions, remove the masks that prevent your original face to emerge. Your Essential Child, your Nature!
Emotions stifled or blocked, judged, need to be experienced,they call you.

By letting go of preconceptions and beliefs, you meet your Inner Child, who gives  voice to the feelings he wants to express, and to the requests she/he has for LIFE.

The courage and strength that are in you are sustained by an  atmosphere of total acceptance and protection.

You’re safe. Go  back home. Breaking the link with the conditionings that kept you bound, you’ll dissolve the suffering that prevents your life from flourishing. Reborn! In this Rebirth you embrace with heart open in gratitude Life, itself and all people , reconciling you deeply with  your parents.

Meditation is a root component  of the Program, it connects you  with the Universe and it  becomes a Dimension of Support and Strength for You.

Each Soul comes into the world led by a Daimon, the Genius or Guardian Angel, who guides Her/ Him to be able to manifest his own Life Design.
It becomes ESSENTIAL to find the Inner Child, who calls us to our Mission, to Our Vision, to make us feel at home, at our place. With Love and Care

Ask for Interview and Preparation Information

5-day residential course OPEN to ALL.

An individual pre-enrollment interview via telephone or skype is required. DATES and TIMES

from 30 June 2020 h 18.00 to 5 July 2020 h 15.00 | * carpooling from Bergamo


Il Borgo Zen Holistic Center | via Roma 110 – 24010 Olda, Valtaleggio (Bergamo) Telephone: +39 0345 547006 | info @ il borgozen .it |


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Enrolled students will be given information on preparing for the seminar


– COURSE 400 euros

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: 350 euros by May 05, 2020
The cost of the course includes all activities and teaching materials