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Family Constellation Training

Maggio 1 @ 19:30 - Maggio 10 @ 17:00

Family Constellation Training

Introduction Evening on May 1, Workshop on the 2

 I part of the tr : fromMAy,  Friday 8, afternoon, till Sunday 10

For Individual Sessions and Group Dynamics

Healing Your Roots to be Able to Open Your Wings

OHANA means Family and Family means that nobody is abandoned or forgotten

Training in 4 parts ( II part in June, III in September, IV in November)

plus an Optional Supervision for Groups Springtime 2021


Family Constellations is a system conceived and developed by Bert Hellinger,-who recently passed away- who had the intuition to work on the issues of any person – Family – Relationships, Work, Course of Life, Decisions to be taken – and to create a model, Constellation, where it is possible to reveal the  energy and patterns that act as obstacles.

It is a strong and profound approach, very transformative.

How does it work?

Although based on the study of LIFE’s LAWS and LOVE ORDERS, we can say that it works through the Connection with the Intelligence of the Universe, called the Morphogenetic Field.

The Facilitator is Present at whatever is moving energetically through the  Constellation and supports the truth of every act to reveal what the obstacle to the System can be.

The result is that the person who is working on his/her issues can find a transformation, an understanding. 

It is always immediate and works on many levels: Phisycal, emotional, mental and spiritual….


Maggio 1 @ 19:30
Maggio 10 @ 17:00
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