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Darshana Elena Scola


“What can I tell you about me? My path is mysterious, just like the journey of a Spiritual Seeker can be. I fell deeply in love with my Master, Osho, and since then many things have happened in my life. Intense, unpredictable, between peaks and valleys: The Life of a Contemporary Mystic, What I bring in my work and that I share with people it’s what I found myself..

Freedom of Being, Joy, Love, Gratitude, Silence, Life. Namaste”.

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Individual Sessions


“Dear Darshana,
With much simplicity and synthesis I could say that I feel you as Light on our Path.
Your sensitivity, naturalness, spontaneity in perceiving our Energies, our states of mind and our needs in a complete and harmonious way, makes everything more easy and fluid... While grasping the exact context, the practicality and concreteness of Existence, you always put in relation, in contact with its Essence, with Spirituality, creating Clarity, Harmony and Warmth for the Loving way you do it with.
Regardless of all theories, sciences and arts, but always radiated by the Soul...”

Loredana AatmateerthaAllieva EST

“I have known Darshana since many years and beyond the love I feel for her, I believe she is a great professionist in helping relationships. With her empathic and intuitive skills, she was able to guide me with mastery through an important moment of change in my life: without her help I would not have managed to go any further.
I'm really very grateful.”


“Wonderful Darshana… Unforgettable... She is unique, magical, engaging. She will open you new horizons, and you will love her forever.”

Martina Ceruti

“I discovered the pleasure of meditating only thanks to the Knowledge of Darshana and the East School. Thank you Darshana for allowing me to see the beautiful side of me.

Ramona Sitara

“Darshana, thank you for a magical weekend. May you continue giving Light to those who seek it.”


“Thank you for the love and wisdom you showed me during the session. I feel at peace and much lighter since I stepped thorugh my gateway and moved forward in my life.
Sending you love.”

Dee DelaneyUK

“Massive thanks for all your loving Presence, light and joy, endless compassion in all you do and you are. You are beautifully power woman and teacher. Love you so much.”

Joginder e Marketa UK



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