Learn to Live, Live to Learn

Vision: to bridge People from sufference to wholeness t
To Contribute to Human Evolution towards Consciousness, as well that to support People to discover thei Emotional Intelligence. Within the Space of Unity and Loving Kindness, I find Important to improve Values and Talents.

I hold over 30 years of work experience with people - at individual and group level: Human development and trainings. I have a vast background in personal training. I explored at 360 °my Passion for Meditation-Mindfulness. I met and still meet the Spiritual Masters and Teachers of this age, where I got a direct Trasmission and insights.
I feel at home when I am in a Session or Group Room. My biggest asset? Intuition!

I Love to share with joy, love. My approach to teach is ligh and clear.
My Mission is to bring people into contact with their True Nature,
to be free from conditioning, to bring awareness
to their own Life and to Life itself.

This is our Contribution for this Era. We are Evolving.

In Love and Gratitude.

"What can I tell you about me? My path is mysterious, just like the journey of a Spiritual Seeker can be. I fell deeply in love with my Master, Osho, and since then many things have happened in my life. Intense, unpredictable, between peaks and valleys: The Life of a Contemporary Mystic, What I bring in my work and that I share with people it's what I found myself..

Freedom of Being, Joy, Love, Gratitude, Silence, Life. Namaste".

Darshana Elena Scola

I received Sannyas from Osho in 1984, my Spiritual Path.
I share my personal experience as a Spiritual Seeker and professional Group Leader with passion and totality.
Meditation and Counseling, Human Transformation is the ground for my work, which is based on intuition, presence and love.

Trained in Pune (India), Sedona (USA), DevAura (England) and Italy.
My Search has led me to meet and attend to Meditation retreats with contemporary Spiritual Teachers and Masters, such as Osho, Eckart Tolle, Adyashanti, Papaji, Moojiji.

Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Osho Neo-Reiki Master, Diksha Giver, Healer, Teacher of Aura-Soma, Chromotherapist, CranioSacral and Astrologer operator
Counselor SuperVisor skilled in Primal Work, Inner Child,
Co-Dependency-Work on Relationships and Communication, and Family Constellations.

I work with people since 1992, in Italy, as well as in
Agonda (Goa- India), England and abroad.

I lived and worked for several years with the Osho Miasto Institute.
I've been leading Meditation Centers - Osho Madhu (Bg) and RosaCeleste (Fi)

Currently Director of the Academy ESTschool_Essential Teaching School, trainings for Holistic Operator, Transpersonal Counselor, Family Constellations, Cromotherapy
Reiki Master, Meditation, Relating and Communication.

* Academy ESTschool - SIAF Affiliated, 130/12 and 131/12.
*Professional Register of Holistic Counselor, SIAF with the SUPERVISOR level code LO104S-CO Professional governed pursuant to the Law No. 4/2013.
* DBN Lombardy 2015/RK38